Application for Electric Car Charger on Hold

To our valued Owners & Residents of MK10,


Please be aware that until further notice, all new work to electric car charging cabling application by resident will be put on hold.  We are in the midst of engaging a Consultant Engineer to reassess our electrical system for electric car infra structure before we continue with expansion for more car charging cables demand.


We realize that more residents will purchase new electric cars due to favorable  tax incentives by the new year, and we hope we can return to that plan soon, but caution dictates that we will move following with our  Consultant Engineer recommendation. This would be a good time to review our procedures and find out where we might become more efficient with electric car charging infra structure.


Please call upon us should you have any query or require any assistance on

the above matter.  


MK10 Management Office

10th October 2019